Rambling Writer

I figured the title of my blog would be a good title for my first post.  It took me a little while to come up with that title.  I thought several times of incorporating something like “1/2 a Writer” into it, since I have never once finished a book.  I have written a few short stories, though the longest amount of pages I have ever gotten to in terms of a book would be about 22.  Though, I am still working on that one, and have hopes I may actually finish it.  A few things about other than my love of writing….
1. I am the nerdy kid in class who can tell you the Greek Gods of the top of my head and several myths about each.  Or use words in my writing for English that even the teacher does not know, such as defenestrate. (To throw someone or something out a window, coined during the Defenestration of Prague)
2. I am very into Japanese culture, mostly because I love to watch anime.  I like the style of the drawing, exception being Dragon Ball Z Kai, and I love the language; to me it is nearly as pretty as French.
3. I am very musically inclined.  I spend most of my day with headphones in my ears, and when they aren’t, I have a song in my head.  I play piano, and have been in choir and a ‘Vocal Ensemble’, or a smaller more intense group of singers, for several years.  I also take voice lessons.
4. I like to act, and take any chance I can to get on the stage.
Already, you can probably tell why I put rambling in the title of my blog.  Anyways, I have introduced myself, and so to not bore you with too many details, I will end today’s blog here.  Thank you for taking the time to read!


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