Confused 0_o

Konnichiwa!  Ok, so, this is my first blog, and at first, I thought it was fairly easy.  I talk, maybe add some pics-and post it!  However, recently, I have been trying to figure out how to tag my blog, though I may be using the wrong term.  I am trying to puzzle out how to arrange my blog so that if you were to search, say, “Pandas” (my favorite animal) then my blog would come up.  I assumed there was a way to do this, but all the settings are continually confusing me.  It has not just been with trying to tag my blog.  I also tried to change the picture that appears on the site…but apparently it changes it for your email, as well, which I did not want at all.  I love to figure things out-but I don’t have enough time to spend learning the expertise of blogging technology, I have lots and lots of homework.  Also, I procrastinate doing that homework until I am forced to do half of it the day it’s due.  Yea….when I figure out tags, I will definitely tag it under “Procrastination” as well.

Putting that aside, a thought came into my head, among my daydreams of the awesome scenes that I have yet to actually write in my stories.  I have no idea what my character’s voices sound like.  I mean, I know that the girl’s sounds higher than the guy’s, and what not, but I never got into my head whether her voice was higher than most, or if she spoke quickly and quietly.  Is this strange?  I imagine any writers reading this and either being completely surprised that I have not figured it out yet, or very puzzled that I want to figure it out.  After all, I have not met many writers who discuss such things with me.
So, my writing challenge for today is, what does your character’s voice sound like?  It’s rather simple, but they won’t all be this short.  If you have already decided this, then answer some other question that never occurred to you before to ask.  Like, which TV show would your hero/heroine become completely addicted to?  Or, what is their favorite animal and why?  Or, describe his/her toes in detail.
Yes, it is strange.  However, I find that any detail having to do with my characters helps me, even if I may not describe it in my story.  That’s all for today.  Matanae! (See you later!)

Rambling Writer 😉


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