Procrastinating with Writing!

It is amazing what a defiance to doing anything productive for school can make me do.  I have a test in science on Wednsday, and being the nerd I am, I like to get A’s on everything.  So each time I study insanely hard because the science chapters cover a lot of material, and it is hard to know what will be on the test.  In a way this is good, because I am forced to learn all the material fairly well.  That is, when I actually follow my personal rule of typing a detailed outline of the chapter and then copying it onto the paper we are given to take into the test.  For some reason, my brain has decided it wants to avoid doing so this time, at all costs.

So, I have finally gotten to working on my outline for a story I call Bellatores for now, until I come up with the actual name.  I pretty much had the outline in my head until now, which I do not recommend to anyone who writes!  I don’t have a problem keeping track of what I thought of before, however, it kept me from seeing the lack of *ahem* a middle.

My story basically went as thus; Very detailed beginning outline, um….main character fights some monsters….and very detailed end.

Yea.  Not a good outline to write a story with.  So finally I am working on it and while doing so I am telling myself that once  get back to my room, as I am currently at the library, I will begin the twelve pages of bio notes I have allotted myself to finish today.  Sounds like fun, right?

So, challenge for today: Work on your outlines.  If you do not yet have an outline, make one.  As annoying as it is, it is extremely helpful.  Anyways, I must get to work on mine.  Matanae!

Rambling Writer 😉


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