What the Bananas?!

Before I start the blog today I will answer a lot of the questions probably going through your head.

1. I say what the bananas instead of words like frik because A.) it lightens the mood since generally you say that when upset B.) I don’t like bananas very much and C.) I was tired of people getting upset with me for using the word frik 😛 

2. Yes, I do know it sounds silly

3. Omphaloskepsis is when someone is staring at their bellybutton.  You weren’t wondering what omphaloskepsis meant??  And you had never heard that word before?  Oh my bananas, you need to read the dictionary more often.

Anyway, my alarm is due to the fact that Planet Wisdom is on the 8th of March, and so is the last day of a trip I had signed up for to help people in the areas affected by Sandy.

If you don’t know what Planet Wisdom is, you should Google it.  It is one of the highlights of my year.

Therefore my dilemma.  So what shall I do?  Well, in my mind, there are 2 options; either drop the trip to New York which may not be possible or figure out some insane way to go to both.  If I am forced to do both, I will be very tired by the conference, so it is not preferable.  Also, I have been inviting people to come, and many of those people’s coming depend on me being there.  Yeah.  I’m that cool.  

I am currently working on the first option.  It’s not as if I’m not disappointed in not being able to go on the trip to New York-I was looking forward to it.  But I will have other opportunities throughout the year to go on mission’s trips or help the community-besides the fact I have been told that back at home during that time people will be doing service anyways-but I only get the chance to go to Planet Wisdom once a year.  *Sigh* Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be in two places at once, though?

Now, for the writing challenge: If your character joined any club in your college/school, or started one even, what would it be?  Feel free to write your result in the comments. ^_^

Rambling Writer 😉


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