School -_-

Once again, I have tons of homework for the weekend and long term big projects, and the sensible part of my mind is saying “You really should be working on your homework, or you know that project for science, or the memorization for…” but then the fun part of my brain is jumping everywhere saying, “If you don’t start writing RIGHT now I will explode of inspiration!!” 

I might listen to the fun side of my brain if it weren’t for the fact that the sensible part keeps pointing out that one cannot write a story until one has a good outline for said story.  I hate the sensible side of me.

Anyone know a good way to write an outline?  If so, please comment.  I have a very general one right now.  My major problem is that I have trouble sitting down long enough to figure it out.  I generally end up looking up random personality tests or writing more about my characters on Facebook….

Facebook is a good way to procrastinate….


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