I Hate That my Book Needs a Middle.

To start off, I would like to say to any Grammar Nazi’s out there, if the ‘That’ used in my title should not be capitalized, I am sorry.  I tried to find out if I was supposed to capitalize it on the internet but the vast variety of knowledge Google offers has failed me.

So, here is my predicament: I have never written the middle of a book before.

Hypocrite?  No, actually, I disagree.  By ‘Rambling Writer’ I never mean to mislead you to the idea I am wonderful at writing, or I know exactly what I am doing.  I don’t.  In fact, the current book I am writing is a record for me.  I have written about 22 pages.  I would just like to share anything I have found helpful in my writing, and hopefully anyone reading can do the same.  (*Hinthint*~Comment Section!!)

Anyway, I have plot line block,  If that is not a term, I don’t care-I just made it one.  Point is, the beginning and end of books have always been very easy for me to figure out.  Endings of books are generally dramatic, and the beginnings of books are full of introducing characters through daily events, and plunging your main character into some huge adventure they were never looking for which is also rather dramatic.  However the middle, which is utterly essential for your main characters to gain favor and understanding with the reader before venturing to the big dark scary tunnel where they have to defeat the ultimate boss of the book, is very hard for me.  My mind works by coming up with cute or dramatic lines I want my characters to say at some point, and epic scenes that reveal some secret that show the vitality of the girl you thought was unimportant.  Not….middle scenes.

Though, I did begin.  According to the plot line  my characters are currently at a town called Atticus, which I thought a clever name until I realized I had stolen it from the name of the father in To Kill a Mockingbird.  *Note to self-change name of Town Atticus

Writing Exercise- Write a terrible short story.  Make pigs fly, change your main characters name after a page or two, or let the villain win for once! I did not come up with this one-I believe I found it online somewhere.  But it’s not something no one else has done before.  Sometimes purposely writing terribly can produce good results.  ^_^

Rambling Writer 😉


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