Fresh Start Coming!

So I was writing my outline, yeah, the bane of my writing activities, and I realized, for anything to match up in the rest of the story, I will have to revise my story.  Enough revising, that I will either have to rewrite the entire story, or change a lot.  #Reasons to write your outline before you begin your book.

My outline skills are still very shaky.  To be honest, I am not quite sure what all I should put in it.  Though, it does make me think more often that I need to make names for towns and areas my characters visit.  It was a little hard at first, but I came up with a trick on how to come up with names I usually like quite a lot.  ^_^  I can’t tell you though-you have to figure out your own!

Once again, anything you think may be helpful tips in writing an outline, please comment!


Rambling Writer 😉


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