So, from what I’ve gathered, Lifescouts is a website/organization that has a different theme for every month, and makes badges according to that theme.  I heard of it today from Charlieissocoollike (A you-tuber I strongly recommend) who recently earned the ‘Skydiving Badge,’-one that I will never earn 0_o

This strongly appeals to my competitive nature.  Also, I try to experience all that I can because of my love of learning and so I will know how to write about such things.  I am happy to see that 1) I have already completed several of these challenges and 2) The coming theme is Nerd month, which I will undoubtedly dominate, as I am both a Ravenclaw and a Nerdfighter 😉

I think this idea is extremely intriguing, and encourage you all to do it as well!  Comment on what you’ve already earned and what you are trying to earn!  Hopefully there will be a ‘Writers’ badge, or something of the sort. ^_^


Rambling Writer 😉


2 comments on “Lifescouts?

  1. I heard about them from Alex Day. I’ve the pet badge and the haunted house badge (there’s one next door to me).

    • labmember009 says:

      Hahaha that must stink when you are home alone. I Have earned a few like swimming and I believe there was a horse riding one. I’m waiting for the Japanese speaking one to come out 😉

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