Today’s Badge! (And More Procrastination)

So, I checked the Lifescout’s page today, and found that their second badge for nerd month is videogames….*sigh*

1st of all, I do not think that belongs in Nerd Month.  More like Geek month.  Though, it isn’t my website, and I’m still happy it exists.  2nd of all, I sort of play videogames (much to the surprise of some of my friends xD) however, I don’t usually *ahem* finish said video games.  I have a fairly short attention span, and usually as soon as a video games become difficult I…give up.  In fact, I cannot remember one video game I finished.  I am in the midst of a gameboy game-does that count?  Hahaha.  I do not feel that I have earned the badge until I have finished a video game.  This is going to be difficult. :/

In other news, I am avoiding writing the research paper that is due tonight, and memorizing the 14 verses of John I must have by tommorow.  If there was ever a time for the ‘meh face’ it would be now.


Rambling Writer


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