The Going to Everywhere and an Exchange Student

Konnichiwa!  If you have not yet realized this, or I have not yet told you, I love Japanese culture.  Well, currently, there is a student from Japan in my house.  0_0

She is super awesome, though for privacy purposes, I will not use her real name.  In this blog post I will call her ‘Midori’.  I have learned a lot from her already, as I am trying to learn Japanese, and I hope she has learned a lot from me.  Also, in those past few days, we have been going everywhere.  To American restaurants, American shopping malls, American museums and cities.  Not that I am complaining-it is exorbitantly fun for me as well as her, however, it does take a lot out of you.  Happily, today is a Saturday, which means I got to sleep in.  I went to bed at 12 and slept till 9  but didn’t get out of bed till 10 xD

I am going to need energy for today.  Today we are going to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and then possibly shopping around in Phile afterwards.  Of course, Midori’s interest comes first, in this as, as this is her first visit to America.  So if she wants, we’ll stay at the art museum till closing time 😉 

In other news: I haven’t posted a new badge in a while, have I?  Well, here is one of the most recent ones, that I have already earned 😉Image~I have played with my mother a few times, though I usually lose.

Shoot, I just lost the game.


Rambling Writer 😉


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