A Very Potter Senior Year

The last musical in the series of Starkid’s Harry Potter spoofs-wonderful, and terribly sad-as it is the last.  It was different from the two others in many ways, and also, hilarious.  It’s so strange how such a silly musical can still make me feel compassionate for the characters.  If you have not watched these musicals, I will recommend them with a warning-it does contain adult/suggestive language.  That being said, it was totally awesome 😉

On to other news, I’ve been progressing rather nicely on my outline.  However, I still have decided to postpone doing Camp NaNoWriMo until July.  This is due to the fact that I would like to have a very detailed plan before I dive into writing the novel, lest it fall apart due to a loophole I missed.  Also, I love developing small details like how Annabelle only lets the people closest to her give her nicknames, or what her favorite flower is.

OK, writing challenge: What house would your character be sorted into if they were sent to Hogwarts?  I know it’s really simple, but as you can probably tell, I’m really into character development.   This is a fun game I play with my characters sometimes.  Annabelle is in Slytherin, by the way.  (In case you were wondering, I’m in Ravenclaw 😉 Oh yeah!)


Rambling Writer 😉


2 comments on “A Very Potter Senior Year

  1. I was sorted into Hufflepuff by a Harry Potter app. The same house as Alex Day and John Green.

    • labmember009 says:

      Oh, a fellow Nerdfighter? Well, personally, I don’t count a house sorting valid unless it’s from the Pottermore site. I was sorted into practically half and half Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw by several online sorting quizzes and whatnot, before I took the Pottermore one.

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