Smash Booking!

I do not believe I have told you what smash booking is, have I?  Well, considering I have mentioned it quite a few times, it is only fitting that I have a post about it.

A smash book~Image

is a sort of scrapbook, except much cooler.  It comes with the pages already in the book, all of them extremely creative designs.  Now, you may have noticed that the three smash books in the picture above have three different color bindings.  This is because each different color represents a different theme to the pages in the book.  The blue one is the retro smash book, the red one is the doodle smash book, and the orange one is the simple smash book.  I use the blue and red ones for anything and everything, and I use the orange one for crafts and recipes.  

The major difference between a smash book and a scrap book is that it’s not just for formal events.  In a scrap book, one would never dedicate an entire page to quotes because that would be random, and strange.  When using a smash book, you can do anything from your prom night to an entire page about some of your favorite foods.  Also, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  That’s what I love about the smash book.

Here are some examples of pages that I’ve done~

ImageImage~I apologize  the writing is backwards in the pictures xD

Writing Challenge: Write a poem using a topic you really care about.  It could be anything from the joys of writing to a tragic accident.  Also, remember, the more effort you put into it, the better it will be.  You can’t expect to make a ‘free verse’ poem of you simply rambling off with fancy words and have it be good.


Rambling Writer 😉


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