Happy Easter!

The day of coloring eggs and candy, Easter, has arrived to us yet again this year.  One of the things I find most interesting about holidays is their origins, and how they developed over time.  First, however…

My Easter Haul!  OK, I may not be using this term entirely correctly, as it is usually used for things you bought for yourself, but we’ll ignore that for now.  Each year for Easter, my mother lays out a trail of clues that leads to a basket of treats for Easter.  This year in my basket I got a cute carrot bag of Reese’s pieces, a large bag of Skittles, two bottles of nail polish, a small chocolate bunny, and a box of blue marshmallow bunny-peeps, probably enough sugar to last me at least the rest of the year xD

Now, back to the origins of holidays.  One of the cool things about the origins of holidays is sometimes the ‘Easter’ a few years ago was very different from now, because many times it picks up traditions from other cultures that really have nothing to do with the core idea of the holiday at all.  For example, the Easter Bunny.  As much as I wanted to know, I could not find the origin of the Easter Bunny, or Easter Eggs for that matter.  It seems that several different countries simply saw them as symbols of spring, or, that’s as far as I got with my research.  If you are able to find any further information on these things, please comment below.

One thing I could find, though, was where the name of Easter came from.  After all, if the holiday is meant to celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead, the word ‘Easter’ must have something to do with that, right?  Well, it turns out the origin of this word is debated quite a lot.

One theory is that the word came from the name of an old goddess of the dawn and/or spring named Eostre.  Another is that Eostre was a common Anglo-Saxon word for spring festivals, and so became over time the word Easter we use today.  One idea that many picked up on which isn’t exactly an origin of the word, is that in many languages, the name they use for Easter means something to do with the East, or the sun.  Some people suggest the name may have even hinged on how the sun was placed in the sky at the time of Easter.

Of course, the important thing is how you celebrate it today.  I just like to know bits of trivia, is all 😉  One more thing before I end today’s post-how do you celebrate Easter?  Comment below with your answers.


Rambling Writer 😉



4 comments on “Happy Easter!

  1. Nail polish? Are you a girl? I’m really sorry but for the whole time I have been reading your blog, I just sort of assumed you were a boy. Oops.
    I celebrated Easter by going on a long walk to a neighbouring village to the shop and buying some croissant which I ate one of on the green then walked home and ate the rest with my family. Oh, and eggs are a symbol of birth, so they are associated with Jesus’ apparent re-birth. And rabbits are associated with Easter because they too can resurrect themselves after death…

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