Yay for the Last Day of Break! Not. -_-

Konnichiwa!  So, see that pile over there?  Yeah, the one in the distance that looks like a mountain?  That’s my homework.  Exactly.  Plus, most of it is a complete waste of time that is supposedly going to help me ‘learn’.

What teacher gives homework over break?  Well, some of it is just the homework I have to make up for since I was out sick two days, but the rest is mostly from the new teachers.  So why am I blogging?  I’m…not…trying…to…procrastinate….if that’s…..what…you are saying.  *Glances at clock again*

So, the first thing on my list is to research…good research topics…and pick 5 I like.  Once I have finished making my list, I am supposed to pick a topic on the list to make my research paper on.  Or I could conveniently add the one I wanted to do originally to the bottom and….OK, no, but I’d really like to.

So, to my surprise, some of the questions that come up are actually fairly interesting.  One of them I always meant to research, “What happened during the Salem Witch Trials?”  I was going to research it for a book I was planning to write but never got to it.  Which reminds me, when you make a character for a story, but don’t end up writing that story, does that character get thrown out as well?  Usually if I decide not to write a story, I’ll still use the characters somewhere else.  Several of the characters in the story I’m working on now are characters I made for other stories I didn’t finish.  Though they are always modified versions, as I cannot put them in the same homes with the same families as they had before.

In other news, I noticed that you guys seemed to enjoy my post on smash booking a great deal.  I’ll try to talk about that more often.  Do you like other types of crafts as well?  Feel free to comment below on what you most enjoy me talking about.  Thank you!


Rambling Writer 🙂


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