So, I already told you about NaNoWriMo, which I will be taking part in soon, but this month, apparently  there is something called NaPoWriMo going on, which was founded in 2003 after the idea of NaNoWriMo.  NaPoWriMo stands for National Poem Writing month.  I’ve only written a few poems before, and only one that I’ve ever liked.  The idea of this is that every day of this month, you write one poem.  They do not have to be wonderful, or perfect, just poems.  The idea is interesting, and it doesn’t sound terribly hard.  If I do decide to do it, I may even be willing to share some of the poems I write on here, if you like.  The ones I really plan on publishing somewhere I will keep and revise.  I have published a poem once.  Have you?  Do you plan on doing NaPoWriMo?  Comment below.

OK, no, I didn’t forget about April Fools Day.  Or…well…maybe…a tiny bit?  I had already posted something that day by the time I realized what day it was, and I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many posts, because I have been posting a lot lately.  I am amazed I didn’t fall for anything.  Well, technically, I did, but not exactly.  Someone tried to convince me that I eat “eight spiders in my lifetime while I sleep,” and “one stink bug every three years,” which I did not agree with, but I didn’t realize that he was trying to fool us because it was April 1st.  So, instead, I chose to take the offensive and debate him on whether or not that were true.  Sadly, the girl next to me was not listening to my arguments  and fell prey to his lies.  Or, at least, seemed to.  I still don’t understand how he could have convinced her that the reason our breath stinks in the morning is because we eat stink bugs while we sleep, but she seemed to agree well enough.

Finally, NaPoWriMo is my writing challenge to you and myself.  Also, remember to comment about  you think, if you’re doing it, ect.  Matanae! ^_^ (See you tomorrow!)


Rambling Writer 😉


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