Preform on Stage Badge


So, I have totally won this badge.  Shall I list the experience?  I have been in The Music Man as Ammyrillis, the mouse princess in what I think what was called The Mouse Princess, the Director in A Comedy of Errors…and More Errors, a jungle creature in Suessical the Musical, Babs in The Great Pandemonium, and currently the goose in Charlotte’s Web.  

LET THE SPRING COMMENCE!  I don’t know about you guys, but where I live, the weather has suddenly brightened.  I feel as if I have just been waiting for this all winter.  I sat outside in the wind and sun drawing a poor rendering of Castor as a chibi soldier talking to Annabelle crossly who is in a white dress and is resting her feet on one of the military bunks.  Castor and Annabelle, by the way, are my two main characters.  I’m not very good at drawing, however, as you can no doubt tell~castor and anna-Yeah, what I draw looks like something a 3-year-old would draw.  Of course, a 3-year-old would be quite talented to have drawn something of this caliber.  It’s just terrible for my age xD  However, I am working on it.  I thought you might want to see my attempts to draw, is all.

Now, it is not as if I have absolutely nothing to do.  I need to make a food web for hamburgers and pizza (What is a food web?  No idea…), research, do some more research,   and then-oh yeah-research.  Before that, though, I shall have my weekly ritual of wasting a ton of time on Friday watching anime on YouTube and taking pointless personality quizzes.  So, I leave you, to watch Spice and Wolf.  Do any of you watch anime?  Please comment, like and/or subscribe if you enjoy reading this.  Thank you!


Rambling Writer 😉


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