A Trip to the Library

Today, I went to the library, which I have not done in an awfully long time.  I hope that libraries never fall out of use, though I fear that the day is soon coming where I will reminisce to the younger generations about a wonderful building filled with paper books, due to the electronic library revolution going on lately.  Both my father and my sister have Kindles.  I have not gotten one yet, as I do prefer the actual book in my hands.  At the library today, I got 3 books.  I would have gotten more, but I’ve been rather busy with school lately.  I got The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, along with it’s sequel The People of Sparks, and finally Escape From Memory by Margaret Peterson Haddix, an author I highly recommend.  I thought I had read all of her books, but it seems that there is yet one I have missed.  Haddix write one of my favorite series, The Shadow Children Series, which is about standing up to a government who forces each family to only have two children.  Luke is the protagonist in the first book, who is the third child in a family of farmers.  I think this is where I got the impression that Luke was a good name.  I find that the reason most people like or dislike names, are not the sound of them, but what their first impression of one with that name was.  Unless, of course, they have never heard or read of a person with that name.  

If you would like, I would be willing to give a review of one or two of the books after I read them, though I do not know if you would be interested in that.  Of course, reading is one of the most vital things in learning to write well, so if I can help you in any way to read good books, I would love to.  Some of the books I would recommend right off the bat would be some of the classics that no doubt many of you have already read due to school requirements, but if they have not asked you to read them, I suggest Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Giver by Louis Lowry, and anything by John Green.  To be honest, though, I have not yet read a book by John Green, so it is rather hypocritical for me to recommend them to you.  However, I am fully planning on doing so, once my schedule becomes not insane.  Is that a double negative?  After all, I am saying not not sane.  Just a thought.

One more thing before I finish this post-what are some of your favorite books that you’d recommend?  Or authors?  Comment below.  Thank you!


Rambling Writer 😉


2 comments on “A Trip to the Library

  1. Read Paper Towns first. My favourite of Green’s books and the most gripping (although I still have not read An Abundance Of Katherines so my opinion is only partly formed).

    • labmember009 says:

      I don’t think my sister has read that one yet, either, though she’s read most of them. I will be sure to take that into account, and start with that one. Thank you! ^_^

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