I am Having a Lot of Fun Stalking All of You

One of my favorite things about being followed or having my posts liked, is when I get to see blogs from people who have common interests with me.  Just a few shout outs to some of the blogs I’ve looked at so far-Marcos C, I also like Mika a good deal and I found it very fun in a challenging way to try to read the French and Spanish posts, though I only got the main idea as I have only taken a little bit of Spanish.  Joe Warnimont, I found your post, ‘Nerd Is The Word’ very interesting, especially as I have had discussions with my friends on what we think the word ‘nerd’ means.  The Biscuit Explodes, I love your background, and appreciate that you comment frequently on my posts, finally, I read your post ‘Philosophy And Doughnuts’ and found that I would have greatly liked to weigh in on this conversation you were having-I tried to comment but every it ended up being about a paragraph long, so I just decided to skip writing a paper in your comment section 😉

On the topic of my followers and like…rs….I have found that most of you seem to like when I talk about smash booking and books, so I will try to do that more often.  I am a bit busy to be smash booking, but I do when I can.  I am reading quite a few books currently, though, so I should be able to give you a review if you’re interested.

Now, about writing.  I have gotten to the details in a fight scene, and naturally, as I have never taken fencing lessons, this is a great obstacle.  My ‘fight scenes’ aren’t like the ones you’d normally read, though, since in this fight scene, one person is using throwing knives, another a light sword, and yet another twin daggers.  Yes, I am insane.  Point is, if any of you have tips about writing fight scenes, it would be great if you’d comment them below.  Not just for my benefit, but others as well.

Writing Challenge: Pretend you are a 13-year-old girl who is obsessed with something.  Now write what a typical day in your life would be.  I dare you to blog the results!


Rambling Writer 😉



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