IHL ‘Tour’

Konnichiwa!  IHL stands for the name of the choir I am a part of, “In His Likeness”.  Every year, IHL goes on a tour that usually takes about a week, sadly, this year, several of the events we were supposed to perform at canceled on us, and we are only going to have two days in which we perform.  Yesterday was one of those, and Monday will be the last.  Yesterday we started by all meeting around 8:00, which is when we drove together in the a bus to Shady Maple, a smorgasbord that around where I live, almost everyone has gone to at least once.  I got some hash-browns  other potatoes, more hash-browns  bacon, and ham, along with a hot beverage.  Lots of meat and potatoes-can you tell I’m German?  After most people had finished their breakfasts, I moved over to listen to the conversation of the people at the end of the table, and when I realized it held little interest for me, not surprisingly, I plugged in my headphones and imagined what my characters from my current story would do if they were here.  I find that imagining sword fights on tabletops at Shady Maple is much more interesting than gossip.

After we left Shady Maple, we went to our performance at a nursing home.  You can definitely tell a choir is popular when they perform at nursing homes, right?  The nice thing about singing at places like that is that you get to make people happy.  I remember once when I performed at a nursing home, we were encouraged to talk to the residents afterwards, and one woman even cried because she was so thankful.  Of course, me being a dork, I kind of stood there saying nothing, until one of the other people there was so kind as to save me from trying to figure out how respond by coming and talking to the woman for me.

After the performance, we went to Sight and Sound, which some of you may have heard of before, where we watched a performance of Noah.  Most of the time I was rather fidgety, not that the musical wasn’t interesting, but I suppose I just had trouble sitting still in a dark considerably cramped room for about 2 hours until intermission, when I escaped outside.  They had a gorgeous fountain that I wish I could show you a picture of, but I left my cell in the theater.  I took pictures of a few other things, though, which I will show you in a different post.

After the musical, the entire choir got to go backstage, where we met the main actor of the show, who played Noah.  The entire group got to ask him questions, like “What was your most embarrassing moment onstage?” after which he described one scene in a different musical where he made a big turn and tripped flat onto his face.  He said that he remembers thinking that there was a lot going onstage, and probably no one would notice, unfortunately, the spotlight that was on him did not cut off, but followed him through on his fall.  Another question we asked him was “What has been hardest about working with the animals?”.  If you do not know, Sight and Sound is known for using live animals.  He told us several stories about animals not doing what they were supposed to, but the one I found most interesting was during one scene, a bird had to land on his hand.  Usually, it was pretty hard, but that time it landed on his hand right away.  Though, his happiness at this success was short-lived, as a bird that had not been captured after its performance earlier came to land on the side of his head.

So, I just realized how ridiculously long this post is.  I think this is going to be a two-parter.


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