Songwriting Badge

ImageKonnichiwa!  This is the songwriting badge.  I debated with myself whether or not I had earned this, and came to the conclusion that I had.  One of my first songs I am fairly sure I still remember correctly;

One angel, two angel, three, four

Five angel, six angel, seven more!

Eight angel, nine angel, ten as well,

Te-en angels, singin’ so well!

I was in elementary, therefore the terrible quality.  I believe I was quite proud of this song at the time, however, and occasionally sang it to my friends to show off my skill.  I can’t be quite sure, but I think that they were impressed enough, after all, the tune wasn’t terrible, though I probably stole it from someone else-accidentally, of course.  One person even asked me to sing it once, to show how well I could sing to a fellow classmate.  A few people asked me to be in bands in elementary school, before they realized that 1) It was highly improbable a band put together by a bunch of elementary-schoolers would be popular 2) That any of us were talented or dedicated enough for it 3) and that my skills in the instrument the recorder would not be useful in this endeavor.  Thankfully, I realized these things, and told them they we could if they still wanted to during middle school, knowing that they would probably forget about it next week tops.

I apologize that I have not yet finished my IHL ‘Tour’ post, but I have been very busy and have not had much time for it.  I thought I should give you at least this post ^_^  Anyways, I have to go to play practice, so matanae!


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