Finals Tip #13

#13.  Don’t be afraid to go a little off your planned schedule 😉

     I don’t mean decide to stop studying math and watch some TV.  Please don’t do that!  I mean, if you notice that, for example, you’ve practically got the entirety of your math book memorized and know how to use it inside and out, but that science class has you confused every time, it won’t hurt to spend some or even all of the time you planned for the easy subject studying the harder subject instead.  

Hope this was helpful!  If you have any tips for finals, share them in the comment section!


Rambling Writer 😉


2 comments on “Finals Tip #13

  1. In the last few minutes of my revision (before I go to bed to get up early for the exam) I always convince myself that there is loads I haven’t revised and become a panicking wreak. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this! Oh well, you seem pretty pro at revision given all these tips. Good luck!

    • labmember009 says:

      Um…yeah…totally….I don’t procrastinate at all. 0_0
      :Yesterday waited till the last few hours to get any real work done, when she began to panic, trying in a hurry to finish her outlines for the essays final the next day

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