What to Do the Last Day of School

You know what is driving me insane?  The lack of fun/cool things to do the last day of school.  Almost every idea I find online is something about being rude, or mean, or breaking the rules.  Isn’t there anything that is fun for everyone?

The only thing that I can think of on my own is a very vague idea: dress strangely.  Like, in something I would normally never wear to school.  Some type of costume, maybe?  However, I don’t know what to wear.  Also, I feel as if there is something else I could do that is a bit more exciting.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Me some time later after the previous two paragraphs:  So, I thought of a few things.  A few really nerdy, goody-two-shoes things.

1.  Make notes to all the teachers with a list of at least three things you like about them

Yeah, teachers are human beings too.  They enjoy compliments.  They also have probably wanted to strangle you quite a few times throughout the year due to your misunderstanding of what seems obvious to them, however they did not.  Not just because it’s against the law-but because they’re nice.  Do something nice for them, why don’t you?

2.  Make [Insert sweet here]s!

Well, I was going to make apple muffins but it turns out that it’s a few months overdue.  :/  So, I am asking my mother to buy something at the store and bring it home later.  Anyways, you know what would be awesome on the last day of school?  For everyone to bring in food, making it a potluck.  Unfortunately, people don’t do that, but you could start the tradition!  Bring in some sweets, just make sure not to just give it to your ‘friends’.  I am going to give it to my entire class, and if there is extra, some to the teachers.  I would like to give them to the entire school, but I can’t make that many xD

3.  Pack a good lunch

I make my lunches in the morning before school, and personally, I often make a lunch that is boring or not enough and regret it later, just because I’m tired.  If you have to, even make it the night before!

4.  Make a good breakfast

Start of the end of school with something other than a grumbly stomach.  Maybe eat one of those [insert sweet here] you made for #2?  😀

5.  Dress up, dress down, look crazy

Now, I don’t want anyone breaking dress code rules because of this-but wear the opposite of what you usually wear.  A girl, but not so girly?  On the last day, curl your hair, put on a dress, but only if it’s fun.  Or

6.  Movie Party

Invite some friends to come to your house after school for as long as they can and watch some movies, play some games, talk about the year, and what you’ll do in the summer.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this one, as it will be rather last minute.  But I may be able to get some of my close living friends to come.

That’s all I can think of right now.  Any suggestions?  PLEASE comment below! ^_^


Rambling Writer 😉


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