Graduation Tonight!

So, I painted my nails and I’m wearing a dress.

That’s right.  I can be girly too.

Tonight is graduation for all the seniors at m school, and I am watching.  While I caouldn’t have a movie party today, I am having one tommorow with a few friends.  We’re going to figure out what to watch when they get to my house, but I might just happen to have a few anime movies conveniently lying out.  Anyway, that’s off subject.  Tonight is graduation!  The wonderfully terrifying night when teenagers become independent adults (hopefully).  Last year, my sister graduated, giving a speech as salutatorian.  I hope to one day stand on the stage and give a speech as well, when I graduate.  That’s gonna take a lot of work…*sigh*….but right now is summer!  No work!  (Sort of)

So have you or any of your siblings graduated from highschool/college?  What was it like?  Did you like it?  Share your experiences in the comments below!


Rambling Writer


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