Re-decorating my Room

So I have been in the middle of painting my room for quite a few months.  How many?  Um…that’s not that important.  The point is, this summer I am going to finish!  Due to a trip to Home Depot, I am pumped to get this done!  So my plan is to clean it well enough tommorow in order for it to be painted, and the next day…begin…painting…it…

As you can tell I have a detailed plan.

Since I tend to not follow general plans like this well, I have decided to do two things to keep me on task: 1) Tell my dear readers, (That’s you!) because many, including myself, are more likely to do something if they promise to do so to others, and 2) Make a schedule!  I found it to be helpful during finals especially with warding off procrastination.  3) OK, I said two things, but this is something I am going to try to do but may not be able to accomplish, which is to get a friend to help me.  I am an extrovert, and so part of the reason this is taking so long is because I don’t like being alone in my room for that long.  So I am going to try to recruit a friend to help me or even just talk to me as I do it.

Anyways, I need to go make my schedule, but I will give you updates!  Also, if anyone has any advice on redecorating a room, feel free to share in the comment section below! ^_^


Rambling Writer 😉


2 comments on “Re-decorating my Room

  1. From experience, the best way to redecorate your room is have a total stranger drive a lorry into the side of your house and then his insurance people will re-paint your room for you (while they also fix the massive hole in the side of your house…).

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