Winter Wonderland

I love the way snow looks, yes, very pretty, however, I would like to point out that when Alice goes to Wonderland, it is no fun trip.  I propose the same with a winter wonderland.  While the Cheshire cat that is black ice, appearing and disappearing, is interesting in its own right, it can be rather scary as well.  Also, I have always been a big fan of the Mad Hatter, who can be found here as the slippery roads hidden under the beautiful snow, it is not preferable for driving.  Don’t even let me get started on those Queen of Hearts snow storms-one minute they are soft and pretty, and the next they are attempting to sever your head from your body with hail the size of baseballs.

Alright, I am being a bit melodramatic.  But I mean it when I relate winter to the wonderland that is so well-known by children and adults alike.  Winter is very beautiful, but can also be very dangerous.  Why am I bringing this up now?  That is a good question, well-timed imaginary reader, especially considering it is not technically yet Winter, which actually starts on December 21st.  This is due to the fact that on the way home from church today, a drive that usually takes about twenty minutes tops took about an hour due to the horrendous yet gorgeous snow.  The snow only that morning we had predicted would amount to little more than wet roads and frigid air.

Now this isn’t just a rant about how I hate the winter.  I like Winter; I just don’t love everything about it.  However, some of the things I do like about it are…

1) Presents on Christmas!

No, this is not as selfish as it sounds.  While I do enjoy getting presents, I love giving them.  I actually went on my annual Christmas shopping trip yesterday, in which I got very little actual shopping done, but it was very fun due to the company of my friends Amira and John.  I am guessing that part of the reason that we got little shopping for others done is due to the fact that we are all distracted easily and I hate using maps…so…that is a bad combination when you are in the King of Prussia mall.

2) Sparkly, gentle snow.

While snow has its many downsides, it also has many upsides.  I don’t play in it much anymore, but it still is fun to sometimes make a snowman, or a giant snowball to sit upon.  And no, I do not dare attempt to make a fort, because it will fail at life.  Also, I like the way snow looks…from inside while under lots of blankets.  Additionally, something I used to do with snow when I was a child was scoop it up and pour maple syrup on it, then proceeding to eat it.  It was basically an excuse to eat maple syrup.  But it was delicious.

3) Christmas music

Christmas music is possibly some of my favorite music ever.  This is because, unlike many my age, I can actually reach most of the high notes, and thrive on the feeling of a loud, clear high D.  Not to mention many of them come in minor keys, which I absolutely adore.  “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” is probably my favorite, if I had to pick one.

4) Family

Actually, not just family, but friends.  The holiday saddled in the midst of these cold, dark months allow us a reason to stop our daily lives to go visit relatives, or go shopping for Christmas with some friends.  I, as an extrovert, thrive on this time, and look forward to it greatly.

5) Break

Okay so I am starting to realize half of the thing on this list, if not more, are linked to Christmas…oh well.  Point is, break from school?  Yes please.  Please.  Sleeping in every day…staying up till three every night…yes.  Just…yes.

So that is it for today!  What are you favorite aspects of winter?  Tell me in the comment section below!  And don’t forget to like, follow, or comment if this post brought enjoyment to your day ^_^


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