3 in 1 Day


So yeah…haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been insanely busy.  However, no doubt you don’t want to hear about that.  Anyways, since I haven’t been posting in a while, that means there have been quite a few Lifescout badges put out since I’ve been gone.  Among them, there is the Kite-Flying Badge, the Camping Badge, and the Roller-Skating Badge, all of which I have done.  I haven’t flown kites in a while, however, and I would like to do it again.  The last time I remember flying kites was with my father in either a park or a field  I’m not sure which came first.  Needless to say, if you don’t live in a place with much wind, I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t flown a kite before.  It’s mildly entertaining, to me, at least.  I might find a kite-flying competition more interesting, as I am a very competitive person.

I roller-skate usually once or twice a year, tops.  I don’t generally do so with my family though; most of them don’t like it.  I roller-skate with my friends, or, actually, they roller-skate, and I fall.  A lot.

I have camped before, but I avoid it whenever possible.  It’s not as if I hate nature, or I don’t like getting dirty, it’s just too uncomfortable for my liking.  I will happily sleep in a cabin, but not in a tent.  I love other aspects of camping, such as cooking over a campfire, hiking, and being without technology for a bit.  (Says the girl who desperately listens to as many pop songs as she can on her iPod and radio before leaving her precious music to go to camp for a week)

So, what are your stories?  Have you camped, roller-skated, or flown a kite before?  Comment below.


Rambling Writer 😉