Spirit Week! >.<

Next week at my school is ‘Spirit Week’.  I don’t know if other schools do it, but at ours it means there is a theme every day and people dress according to that theme.  Also, usually they judge how well the people go along with the themes and they get prizes at lunch if they win.  Monday is Fictional Character Day, Tuesday is Spirit Day, when we all wear school colors, Wednesday is Tourist Day, Thursday is Twin Day, where you pair up with someone and dress the same clothes, same hairstyle, ect., and Friday is Class Colors Day.  Each class is assigned a color to wear, and mine is orange.  However, we are trying to change that as none of us have orange clothes.

The day that I focus most on each year is Fictional Character Day.  However, I don’t know who to dress up as.  I am considering Maka Albarn, from Soul eater, but I’m not sure for two reasons.  One, I have glasses, and blue eyes, which she does not.  Two, anime isn’t well known at my school and I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it if like one person recognizes my outfit.  Though, I just told  Midori about it, and she seems so excited that I might cosplay, that may be enough reason to do it.  For any of you that don’t know, cosplay, or kosupre, is when one dresses up as an anime character.  I’ve never done it before.

Finally, a little announcement of happiness~I have practically finished my outline, and plan to make any more changes while I write.  Also, I began drawing my map, and found my father’s insight to be very helpful about where large cities during medieval times would be situated.  So, now I enter the stretch where I develop ridiculous details about the culture of the country, that may not even come up, and research the medieval methods of traveling and trade.  After all, there are about two halves to making a book.  Writing the book, and researching for the book.


Rambling Writer 😉