A Wall of Sticky Notes

Now that summer vacation has started, (It began a bit late for me due to unfortunate weather circumstances during the winter) I am beginning to formulate some ideas as to what I want to accomplish.  One I came up with a few months prior to now, however, I am now adding more specific details to this plan.

The book that I started during NaNoWriMo this year I have continued, though at a slower rate compared to that of November.  Yet, I am nearing the end, and have come up with a few ideas concerning my rewrite.  Although, the first aspect of my writing I need to correct is the organization of my research.  Or, rather, I need to conduct research.  I have a small amount of information I have compiled, and also several unfinished outlines. Wondering when the wall of sticky notes comes in?  Well, I believe now would be a good time to explain my title.

I have been researching various ideas on how I may organize the notes and outline for my novel, and one of the ideas I found was to find an empty wall and plaster it with sticky notes, filled with the information for my book.  One of my first thoughts after reading this was that I could never find a wall empty or large enough within my living quarters to cover with all the notes I would need.  Another was that it sounded impossibly confusing, not to mention the picture in my mind of some small child arriving and ripping them all down before I was aware.  Of course, such a hypothetical situation was unlikely to happen anytime soon, yet the idea was still quite unappealing to my specific style of organization.

Since then I have looked into a few online sources which I may be able to use to store my information, many of which require a disconcerting amount of compensation.  While I am willing to expend a bit of my savings on this project, I feel that there are better solutions.  One website I took a glance at was celtx, which is free provided you do not mind using only its most basic components.  I attempted to try this, however I could not pass even the sign up, as it consistently insisted something about “undefined is not a function”.  If anyone reading has advice as to how I may fix this, I would be very interested.

I occurred to me, since I am starting to look at these programs for the first time seriously, it may be beneficial to both myself and those reading to create a post open to suggestion on organizing information for one’s novel.  So, please give suggestions in the comment section below.  For example, what do you personally do to organize for your novel?  Do you use the sticky note method?  Or perhaps there is an online program that you think everyone ought to use?  Please share these in the comment section below.  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.  Have a fabulous day.


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Learning to Go Insane

So, lately, I have not been writing much.  This is clearly a problem.  I think this is partially due to the fact that the adrenaline and feeling of “Nothing needs to be good,” from NaNoWriMo has worn off.  My perfectionism is beginning to rear its ugly, annoying, obnoxious head again, and it is telling me that my characters lack depth, my plot has a million holes in it, my writing is terrible, etc.  One of the things that does not help with battling these ideas in my head are that my characters don’t make sense.  They should have more than one mission, more than one thing they want to do.  Basically, my characters are just characters.

I believe one way to combat this lack in my story is to go through little every day things I don’t talk about in the book; write the protagonist’s back-story, maybe write a typical day in the life of both of my main characters.  What were their families like?  What foods don’t they like?  Are they particularly scared of anything?

Oh yes, I haven’t gotten to how this relates at all to the title yet.  You see, one of my characters occasionally goes…insane.  She is not the one from whom the main perspective is set, so all of the description of that is from someone else’s view.  But it occurred to me the other day-if I imagined how it felt from her perspective, how much more depth could that add to her actions and her personality?  Therefore, I am learning how to go insane.  Mind you, I am not literally trying to drive myself crazy, but I have started writing a story about the first time she does, and I come up with details as I go.  Due to how much this has helped me, I have even thought of making the entire second draft of my story following her instead of the current protagonist, and then later deciding who I wanted the perspective to be set from.

What methods do you use when trying to get into the head of your characters?  Any tips you could share?  Please give them in the comments below.  Feel free to follow, comment, or like this post if you enjoyed it.  Keep on writing!

Writing Challenge: Take one of your side characters and write a day entirely from their perspective.


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Facebook Status: Pumped

Okay, it is a cheesy title, but I do not particularly care at the moment.  My feat at winning NaNoWriMo has spurred me on to actually finish this book.  Mind you, I am no where near the end of my first draft, which is a messy one at that, but I am extremely excited.  Not only do I see many flaws in my writing, in only propels me forward.  I want so badly to pour my creativity into this novel, and to have the characters in my writing come to life and relate to the people reading- tehe, I just realized that I am rambling about writing.  And no, I did not plan that joke.

I’ve got Pentatonix pulsing through my ear-buds (a band I highly suggest), a word document pulled up, and it is nighttime.  The prefect time to write.

I honestly had so much fun writing during NaNoWriMo, and it was nothing like I expected.  If any of you didn’t do it this past month, I encourage you to do it this summer during Camp NaNoWriMo.  I await it eagerly myself.

Now I shall list the aspects of my writing I need to fix, because I love lists:

1) I need to improve my vocabulary immensely

.           Not only does any writer need a fairly large vocabulary to start with, but my main characters supposedly hail from royalty.  This requires me to write them as somewhat intelligent, well-spoken people.  Unfortunately, I am nowhere near as articulate as they ought to be.  Any tips on how to do this in an organized fashion would be appreciated.

2) My characters are unrealistic.

My characters lack details, details necessary to make them seem real.  Real people have a million aspects that influence their personality and choices.  While I cannot reveal them all, that is not necessary.  It simply needs to be shown that they have small preferences that don’t necessarily have to do with their horrific back stories.

3) Plot-holes…everywhere.

Um…I blame this on it being the first draft plus the fact that it was partially done during NaNoWriMo.

Those are a few of the problems I am facing that I must fix.  What kind of problems do you face?  Also, challenge for today is to list 5 uncommon words to signify dialogue, such as “rambled,” or “prattled”.  What?  Using you to help me expand my vocabulary?  Of course not…I simply want to help you.  If I get some better words than “said,” in the process, it would simply be a happy coincidence.  Feel free to like, comment, or follow!


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NaNoWriMo 2013


NaNoWriMo!  National Novel Writing Month, to be entirely clear, is nearly upon us!  What is this month for, you ask?  NaNoWriMo is when people of every kind, people who have been writing since they could hold a pencil to people who hardly even know what novel means, write 50,000 words worth of a story in one month.

Now, this is where you all chime in telling me it’s impossible for you to write that much in a decade, let alone a year.  You’d get bored, distracted, busy, etc.  There are a plethora of excuses not to do it.  But that is precisely the reason for the challenge!  You throw away all the excuses for one month, and write.

I, as you may be able to ascertain from this post, am participating.  I am a little nervous, but I have more than a few things to motivate me.  The major thing I’m having trouble with is deciding which story to write.  I have three I’m thinking about right now.

In closing, I hope you decide to take the challenge!  Want more information?  Here are some sources:




If you still have questions, comments, ideas, or anything of the sort, feel free to share them in the comments!  If you enjoyed reading today’s post, you can like or subscribe.  Thanks for reading!


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Camp NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo!  AKA National Novel Writing Month, which is in November.  Hopefully, anyone reading already knows of this wonderful month full of coffee and late nights in front of the computer, but if you do not, it is a month in which those at nanowrimo.org encourage everyone to try to write a novel in a month.  What you do is set up an account on NaNoWriMo.com, set your word goal (Anywhere from 10,000-50,000) and finally, write!


If NaNoWriMo is in November, why am I so excited about it now, months away from when it happens?  Well, Camp NaNoWriMo is essentially the same thing, except in the summer.  I’ve done normal NaNoWriMo before, but never the Camp NaNoWriMo.  I am hoping this time I can get a decent word count, since I should be less busy.  That is, if I don’t decide to take the super-insane-Japanese course over the summer.  I didn’t tell you about that, did I?

Well, I have recently taken an interest in learning languages, Japanese in particular.  The problem is, I can only take one language at a time.  So, I am currently taking Spanish, which I find fun, interesting, and helpful to my improving English.  I have the option to switch to Japanese online next year, however, that would mean dropping Spanish, which I think is becoming more and more important in today’s economy.  Which is where learning it in the summer comes in.  Of course, even the most intense course of Japanese over 3 months time would never cover a year’s worth, but at least I could get started on it.  I was also thinking I may be able to take an online course for Japanese next year, and get worksheets from one of the students taking Spanish to do on my own.  The problems with this idea is that 1) I have to find a student willing to copy all their worksheets for me 2) It will take the utmost discipline to keep up with all my classes and still get straight A’s and 3) I’m not sure if I’m allowed xD

Now, back to writing.  Camp NaNoWriMo is explained on this website http://www.campnanowrimo.org/about -I highly encourage you to do this, even if you haven’t written before.  So throw away the perfectionist for a month, and write!  This would be my writing challenge to you for, well, one month.

Now, to end with the words of a Mr. John Green-“This is what I love about Novels, both reading them and writing them.  They jump into the abyss, to be with you, where you are”.


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