Birthday Party Badge


I have had  several of these, and have gone to quite a few as well 😉  I’ve had two surprise birthday parties, which I find extremely fun.  Once, when I was fairly young, I was going to go to disney a few days after my birthday, so my mom said I could have a friend over, but nothing special.  After dinner, they asked us if we wanted to go play outside.  On our way out, I realized I had left something in the kitchen.  So I came back to find my sister and mother busy decorating the room with streamers.  My sister quickly pushed me out, and the entire time I was outside I was simply waiting to go back inside to my surprise party.  For my cake, I believe they made key lime bars, which I like much more than traditional birthday cake.

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?  If so, write about it in the comments.


Rambling Writer 😉